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A Little Bit About Us

Hi Everyone and Welcome to Manukau Event Centre.
My name is Ryan and this beautiful lady on my left is Ari. We have been married for 8, going on 9 years and have a bubbly 4 year old boy who keeps us busy when we are not at Manukau Event Centre. I’m good with words, she’s good with numbers and together we make a fairly decent combo.

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We started decorating weddings as a hobby in 2008. People loved our work so much, that we started our own décor company in 2009. In 2012 we were given the opportunity to build Manukau Event Centre.
We have now completed over 215 functions at Manukau Event Centre, most of which have been weddings.

We consistently argue about what is best for our couples, because we really care about giving them an amazing and an unforgettable experience. Just like the couples, we stress out behind the scenes, to ensure every event goes well and without any hiccups.

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Why We Do It, What We Do.

Because we love doing it. Weddings and events in general are filled with a lot of drama and excitement, the pressure can be immense but at the end of the day when everything goes well, it is all worth it. For the both of us, it’s a real passion. Events is no longer a job for us but a lifestyle.

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What makes us different?

Firstly we believe in listening to what our customers have to say. Not them listening to what we have to offer them.

We are owner operated, so you are not dealing with an employee but actual decision makers who will ensure that you have a great experience and recommend Manukau Event Centre to your friends and family. We are directly involved with every single event held at Manukau Event Centre. Unlike other venues, at Manukau Event Centre you have 2 people overseeing your event which means 2 sets of eye’s, 2 sets of ears and twice the amount of experience. All this means is half the chance of anything going a miss.

Where other venues offer you a service, we believe in offering our customer’s an experience.

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The Couples

A big part of the reason we do what we do is because we get to meet amazing people every day of the week, from all parts of the world. They become our friends and allow us to travel on their amazing journey with them. To see the joy on their faces during a wedding is something that will last with us forever. A positive feedback at the end of the function gives us the most satisfaction.

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You Guys Seem Really Busy, Will My Event Be Taken Seriously.

We believe in treating people, like how we ourselves would like to be treated. We always put ourselves in our customer’s shoes. As such we do not treat people like just another number. Like our moto says, we treat your event, like ours. Taking your event as seriously as if we were planning our own.

We believe an open honest approach always works the best. We understand we are dealing with nervous couples and anxious parents. Customers trust us, and we take that show of faith from them, in us, very seriously.

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We Love Our Team.

We work in a high pressure team environment. The nights can be long and extremely challenging, so we surround ourselves with people with the same values as us. Hard work, honesty and integrity. We as a whole team strive for excellence. That means consistently trying to better ourselves, week in week out. Unlike other venues that rely on temp staff, here at Manukau Event Centre we have developed our own in house team with a lot of experience at hosting events at Manukau Event Centre.

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Our Vision for Manukau Event Centre

To make Manukau Event Centre an all-inclusive cultural venue, no matter what type of event. To provide customers with a level of service they are amazed with and of which we are proud of. We may not be perfect, no one is, but we aim to please every person that walks through our doors so that one day, hopefully they will return.

We have been lucky enough to receive many testimonials from past customers, to view some of them click here

Here is our latest one.

“To the awesome staff of Manukau Event Centre as well as Ryan & Ari”.

“What an amazing day full of happiness and love. This was everything we asked for and more. The food was amazing, the caterers were so lovely and the place was definitely worth every penny spent. So many awesome reviews from our family and friends on how beautiful the food was. Would definitely recommend this place to everyone and anyone who would want the best day ever. Thank you, thank you and thank you again. Loved everything about this venue. Our wedding was a blissful day. Thank you Ryan & Ari. Such a wonderful couple!”

Neema & Daniel — August 15th, 2015

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